Asymmetry is the direction Nike is going with their NFL uniforms

Since taking over in 2012, Nike has overhauled the uniforms of five teams. Of those five, four of them have asymmetrical design elements.

The definition of symmetry, in terms of uniform design, is that if one side of the uniform is a certain designed a certain way, the opposite side should feature the same element. Asymmetry is one both sides don’t match.


Team wordmark on left shoulder, not on the right.

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Buccaneers unveil new uniforms early and I wasn’t ready for this design

New uniform for the Buccaneers.

EDIT: Full gallery here. Great analysis here also.

Nothing too surprising. I am sad that they did not reveal the other pants choice or the two other socks choices. The font for the nameplate I will have to get used to. The red jersey is still slightly better but overall, not a huge fan. But I suppose in time and seeing it in action will change my thoughts.


The Buccaneers are scheduled to reveal their entire new uniform set on Wednesday, but today they decided to show one photo of their new design that took two years to create. Since this is just one photo, I will point out some elements that I notice and wait until Wednesday to have the full rundown.

Starting with the pewter shoulder yoke, I can dig it. The color itself is unique and I like how the trim is Bay Orange, contrasting with the bright red flag. In fact, the Bay Orange as a trim adds a nice touch. However sine it’s a Nike template, part of the trim was design with the flywire in mind. It’s fine, but that’s what I will always notice.

And one more thing that is hard to see is that you may not notice is that right shoulder features the flag logo while the left one says “BUCS” right under the Nike logo. Very subtle, but very unnecessary.

The font is terrible. It’s not good. It’s not good at all. A digital clock?

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