New A’s print ads heavily feature old green jersey

As some of you know, the A’s are replacing their green jerseys with some new ones. It appeared at that time that it was a step to possibly remove the old identity away and try to establish their new look — possibly for a move to San Jose?

Of course none of this was established as fact and was all speculation. But as you can see by the above tweet, print signs and billboards across the East Bay will feature images of the players wearing the old green jersey.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use images of them wearing jerseys that they still have in circulation? I remember the season the 49ers switched to their current uniform, all images they used were of the players wearing throwbacks. Those throwbacks were very similar to the current uniforms, so the transition there was easy.

But to show off the team wearing their old jersey is an old choice given that the team has three other jerseys that are still in their rotation. It’s just an observation. After all, last season the A’s did wear their green jerseys for 81 games, so the pool to choose from was limited.