Stephen Curry wants to rid of ‘Short Sleeve Saturdays’

Stephen Curry has voiced his displeasure about the sleeve jerseys when they debuted last season. Other players have voiced it this season too. But Adidas and the NBA continue to push it and it appears that it might be around for a while.

Since the Warriors have won 21 road games, the last one coming off a frantic comeback win over the Blazers, Stephen Curry was asked about whether or not the Warriors should switch out their home white jerseys and wear their road duds for their next home game.

“Short Sleeve Saturdays should be gone,” Curry said (2:13 mark in above clip). “And we should wear our blue roadies for the rest of the year.”

Stephen Curry wants the sleeves to go away.

The Warriors wear sleeve white jerseys for their Saturday home games and their road blue jerseys are tank tops. Instead of just commenting about the blue jerseys, he specifically called out the sleeves and once again put it in a negative light. The Warriors have two home games this week before that Saturday game, but it is clear he doesn’t like that sleeve jersey by specifically pointing that out.

Athletes are a creature of habit and for Curry, basketball jerseys have always been sleeveless. But now with the NBA and Adidas forcing players to wear them, he probably doesn’t like that. Add to the fact that he’s one of the premiere shooters in the league, having anything out of what’s routine for him must be distracting.

Former teammate and current Cleveland Cavalier guard Jarrett Jack, who was part of the Warriors last season who debuted the sleeve jerseys, also had a comment about them via the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“We’re like the Beach Police. You know those police who are on the beach with those bikes? They’ve got those little shirts with the shorts? That’s what we look like. Like we about to give somebody a citation.”

Luckily for Jack, the Cavaliers don’t have a sleeve jersey in their rotation this season.

Players have now come out saying they look ugly, they make players look silly and they restrict their shooting. But of course, Adidas and the NBA is all about the merchandising opportunities that they won’t make the change.

It’s a shame too. The most important clients aren’t the fans, but the players. But they won’t listen.


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