PETA still publicly attacking Michael Vick

After Michael Vick’s incident with mistreating dogs years ago, the quarterback has gone to jail, sought forgiveness and since then has changed his life around and has been a model citizen.

With his second chance, Vick has been great on and off the field. He even wrote a great thank you letter to Philly fans after signing with the Jets. He’s matured.

PETA, however, doesn’t see it that way and they still hold Vick’s past against him.

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My 2014 MLB predictions will make you laugh

The addition of Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo will lead the Rangers to the division title.

Let’s try again after I predicted the Reds to win the World Series last year. Maybe I’ll get it right this time. With the Dodgers and Diamondbacks playing in about an hour start the season, here are my predictions.

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