PETA still publicly attacking Michael Vick

After Michael Vick’s incident with mistreating dogs years ago, the quarterback has gone to jail, sought forgiveness and since then has changed his life around and has been a model citizen.

With his second chance, Vick has been great on and off the field. He even wrote a great thank you letter to Philly fans after signing with the Jets. He’s matured.

PETA, however, doesn’t see it that way and they still hold Vick’s past against him.

Michael Vick has become a spokesman to end dogfighting after being punished for it earlier in his life.

It’s one thing to publicly attack a person if they are still doing bad things. But Vick has stopped, served his time and has done everything right since his release. He is beloved by his teammates and has even made attempts to right his wrongs.

That apparently still isn’t enough to warrant forgiveness by PETA. Vick’s brother Marcus is sick and tired of it.

Of course, PETA is notorious for attacking anyone who does anything that has to do with animals. They are relentless and apparently if you’re on their hit list, you will never be off it.

And of course, PETA is all about that hypocrisy.


One thought on “PETA still publicly attacking Michael Vick

  1. What Michael Vick did was disgusting and unforgivable! I doubt many people would be wanting to give him a second chance if he had humans fighting each other even if he got a couple of years for it.

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