I agree with decision to stop dunking on goal posts

The NFL will now penalize any player that dunks the football on the goal post. The celebration was grandfathered in when the league restructured their celebration rules a few years ago. Now dunking is no longer allowed.

Call the NFL if you want, but this rule makes sense. Dunking on the goal post was a harmless celebration. That was until last year when the above happened.

Of course it’s one incident, but it’s an incident that could happen again. The possibility of damaging NFL equipment and delaying the game is something the NFL wants to avoid.

Because of that, I agree with the decision. Now do I like it? No. I like dunks and it’s fun to watch. But here we are. Fade aways and hook shots are now the only basketball form of celebration we can rely on to make us happy.

There is a solution that it’s only a penalty if the goal post is damaged. That could work too. And maybe they might do that down the line.

But for now, this ruling is OK with me. I understand it. I’ll just never know if Darren Sproles can dunk. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “I agree with decision to stop dunking on goal posts

  1. Another idiot move by the NFL. It’s getting to where you might as well go to flag football. Football is an emotional sport and trying to stop any release of emotion is really stupid. Let the guys celebrate. Who is it hurting?? No one!!! If these guys can’t handle the scoring teams elation then they need to take up ballet. Wha wha wha. Go cry in your corner you little babies!!

    • Who is it hurting? It’s a safety issue. Also the delay is something nobody wants. Advertisers don’t want a delay. Coaches and players don’t want it. The broadcast don’t want a delay. Fans don’t want a delay. So to prevent a repeat of that, this rule was made. I understand why they made this rule.

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