Who needs NFL ugly sweaters when you can get the NHL ones?

NHL ugly sweaters are here for you to buy!

Remember when the NFL ugly sweaters were introduced and it got a lot of attention? Well if you’re a hockey fan, these NHL sweaters might be a better fit for you.

Unfortunately, they only have the sweaters for the Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Red Wings, Flyers and Penguins. It isn’t known if the rest of the league will be included and they are $59.99 each for pre-order.

What do you think? Check the rest of the sweaters right here.


Athletics Opening Day was another tough way to start the season

A great sign to see.

A great sign to see.

So the A’s have lost 10 straight Opening Day games.

This came in part due to key players with hitless nights. This comes also with a player that somehow continues to find his way onto the roster with a base-running blunder. This comes with the new closer losing the game.

Another tough loss. It was a great atmosphere. The rain stopped at just the right time and it never rained throughout the game. The crowd was into it and the matchup was fun. The first eight innings felt like a playoff game. But of course, the A’s didn’t win and I go home sad for the fifth straight opening day.

What a terrible feeling, but I still remain optimistic in this team. It just sucks that they can’t get these big wins in front of the home crowd. What a bummer.

The introduction and ceremony was a great sight.

The introduction and ceremony was a great sight.