Undertaker losing at WrestleMania was the right thing to do

I don’t know what the process was for determining the ending to the Undertaker’s streak, but if it was a legit decision from the higher ups, I applaud them.

The Undertaker had won his previous 21 WrestleMania matches. That 21-0 streak was impressive, but it started to bother me in a bit. Following the Undertaker’s last two matches against Triple H, which got him to 20-0, I realized that the winning streak was becoming bigger than the business. I started to lose interest.

What’s the fun in the streak if it’s so predictable? For some time, it was a given that the Undertaker would win. I was OK with it until the drama in it started to die down. Undertaker wasn’t truly challenged and there was no real threat. In fact, I didn’t even care about last year’s match against CM Punk because I knew that Undertaker would win.

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