Undertaker losing at WrestleMania was the right thing to do

I don’t know what the process was for determining the ending to the Undertaker’s streak, but if it was a legit decision from the higher ups, I applaud them.

The Undertaker had won his previous 21 WrestleMania matches. That 21-0 streak was impressive, but it started to bother me in a bit. Following the Undertaker’s last two matches against Triple H, which got him to 20-0, I realized that the winning streak was becoming bigger than the business. I started to lose interest.

What’s the fun in the streak if it’s so predictable? For some time, it was a given that the Undertaker would win. I was OK with it until the drama in it started to die down. Undertaker wasn’t truly challenged and there was no real threat. In fact, I didn’t even care about last year’s match against CM Punk because I knew that Undertaker would win.

The streak was no longer fun.

When something gets predictable, change needs to happen.

The matchup with Brock Lesnar wasn’t built up well. But if you had follow the history behind the two, it was the right thing to do.

When Lesnar left for the UFC in 2004, Undertaker didn’t like it. Lesnar leaving the company to do something else. There was that “personal” history between them. So when Undertaker and Brock Lesnar was set up for this match, this is what I remember. These two have had some history for 10 years. Now they finally get that match I’ve wanted to see.

So if it was any good time to end the streak, why not this one?

One thing that concerned me was that the streak was getting boring. So at this time, why not shock the world and have Undertaker lose? Everybody assumed (even me) that Undertaker was going to win this match. It was perfect.

Fans have since complained that the WWE messed up by ruining the streak, that this was something that should not have been touched. But in reality, Undertaker was getting old and the streak in itself was getting out of control. In the business of unpredictability, this had become to predictable. The shocking finish was great.

We didn’t see it coming. We didn’t think it would happen. It happened. It was unpredictable. That’s how wrestling works. And the end of the streak was everything that I wanted to see.

Don’t be shocked. This had to happen.

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