RIP to the Ultimate Warrior — one of my favorites of all time

The Ultimate Warrior was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. The energy, the entrance, the strength, the craziness. That was all I loved about Warrior.

This Saturday I just saw him go into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was happy. He was all smiles thinking about his family. He was going to do more work for the WWE. It was great.

He got a standing ovation at WrestleMania the next day from the sellout crowd.

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Braves wear throwback uniforms to honor Hank Aaron

Braves wear throwback uniforms to honor Hank Aaron

I love everything the Braves are doing to honor this great milestone.

The new Athletics road cap looks even worse in action

Scott Kazmir wears the new A’s road cap.

The Oakland Athletics played their first road game of the season on Monday and with that, they wore their new road caps. Unlike the road cap of years past, this one featured white lettering with a gold trim.

The cap alone isn’t bad. It incorporates the three colors of the Athletics.

However when paired with the road gray uniforms, it looks way out of place.

As you can see, the white on the cap doesn’t match any part of the uniform. Since the gray jerseys don’t feature white on any of their letterings or numbers, the cap sticks out like a sore thumb. It just doesn’t work. The design of the cap is best suited for their green alternate.

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