Champs Sports uses “Amber Alert” to describe their crush for #WCW

Missing children should not be associated with your #WCW.

If you are familiar with Internet lingo, you know that #WCW stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday.” On Wednesday, people share pictures of women they have a crush on.

Champs Sports did that, but sadly decided to use the term “Amber Alert” to describe Amber Heard.

People who follow Champs Sports on Twitter shot back at the poor choice of words, including me.

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Mark Schlereth is a hater for hating on RGIII’s logo

This was a response from Mark Schlereth to Robert Griffin III’s new Adidas logo.

I don’t know what his deal is, but I don’t understand why he’s hating. Adidas created the logo for Griffin. In fact, numerous companies create logos for their athletes. Tom Brady has one. Kobe Bryant has one. Allen Iverson has one. Tiger Woods has one.

How come he doesn’t go after them or the company that makes the logo?

Of course this comes with the territory that with a guy with that big of a name, anything he does generates attention? Was it his doing or Adidas? I don’t know. But this is how it is in this social world. It’s about self-promotion. People will just hate on it.

Was it the best? It’s hard to say. But to rub Super Bowl rings like that? Come on, Schlereth. Don’t be a hater.

Now I know the story of the two guys that ran with Hank Aaron on his historical record-breaking night

I could have looked this up years ago, but it was nice to see this video. I had always wanted to know what the deal was with the two guys. I thought it was cool that two fans ran on to the field to congratulate him.

So cool. So awesome. Something like this will never happen in baseball again.