Being a Bay Area sports fan while living in Los Angeles

Bay Area > LA.

I don’t care for the Los Angeles sports teams. I’m from the Bay Area. That’s where my allegiances are. Even though I live in Los Angeles, I stay true to my roots. If the Lakers lose, good. If the Kings lose, good. If the Angels lose, even better.

With the San Jose Sharks and the Golden State Warriors both in the playoffs facing their Southern California rivals, it’s harder for me to mind my own business about my team because I’m surrounded by these Los Angeles fans.

Even before the playoffs, I am constantly hearing about people talking about the Lakers. Then the Clippers talk started to rise some. I don’t care.

Then I got these people who might be hockey fans tell me about how awesome their team is. They’re good, but my team is better. The Sharks scored 13 goals against them in two games.

The toughest part about being a Bay Area fan in LA is that I have nobody to talk to about my team. All of the people around me are worrying about their team problems. I want to discuss my team with somebody but nobody cares.

They don’t get it. They didn’t grow up in the Bay so they don’t understand. They’re kind of in their own little world and I’m in the middle of it.

This is a good week for me though. Both my teams are in the playoffs facing off against LA teams. There is going to be a lot of coverage I have to deal with and a lot of talk from people I know about their teams. I guess I just have to zone it out. LA this and LA that is just static to me.

That’s what makes sports fun. Everybody has their allegiances. I’m from the Bay. This week, it’s all about the Warriors and Sharks. So far, both my teams have won their games. Time for the Sharks and Warriors to continue their winnings ways and shut Los Angeles down.

I may stand out for being the only Bay Area guy here in my circle of friends. But right now I a standing tall.



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