Did Stephen Curry get fouled on the final shot?

There was contact, but I agree with the no call.

Looking at the replay, yes there was contact from Chris Paul on Stephen Curry’s hip. Did it alter his shot? Probably. But I don’t think at that moment you can call a foul. I don’t even think in real time you could see a foul there. It looked clean.

The problem you want to complain about is the shot selection. Instead of going for a drive to tie the game, Curry settled for a tough three.

Instead of trying to take the shot, the Warriors could have thrown the ball back to the in-bounder Andre Iguodala for a shot.

But of course, that mad furious comeback doesn’t need to happen if the presence down low was strong. Losing Andrew Bogut hurt the Warriors’ chances in this series and Jermaine O’Neal isn’t cutting it. The small ball approach may be the best approach for this team going forward.

It’s not one play that cost the Warriors. It’s multiple things. Some went their way, some didn’t. They aren’t the better team but they can still win. This game showed that they had it, but just didn’t play well enough to avoid the loss. We’ll see if they adjust for Game 4.


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