Colts appear to be emphasizing old logo in new merchandise

Since their inception as the Baltimore Colts in 1953, the Colts have used the above logo. It wasn’t until 1978 when the team decided to move forward with the horseshoe logo.

Last season, coach Chuck Pagano has been seen wearing that throwback logo. Now their training camp gear features that logo instead of the horseshoe. Does this mean the team is going to use that more often or is this just a design for coach?

Regardless, the team hasn’t mentioned their Baltimore roots as often as I thought they would since moving to Indianapolis. Their current set (gray facemasks, black cleats) does pay homage to that time so maybe this is another step towards it.

Either way, I like this logo a lot and am glad to see more of it.


Redskins’ use of #RedskinsPride may not be the best idea

Most times, a tweet like this is harmless. But with the Redskins and their name controversy, it was really harmful to their image.

The Twitter reaction to this has been brutal.

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I must have and collect all the All-Star Peanuts gang

I am a huge fan of Peanuts. I have also been to Minneapolis. When I heard about the All-Star Game festivities and their theme of Peanuts, I was immediately sold on the idea of buying everything with their faces on it.

Snoopy and gang have always been my favorite. They just breed the goodness of people and since creator Charles Schulz is from the area, it was natural for them to promote the All-Star Game with these statues.

Of course I can’t have all the statues, but as a baseball fan and collector, I must find whatever memorabilia they are selling with the Peanuts gang and have them. I know they have figurines so I will absolutely make sure I will collect them all.

It’s so adorable! So glad they went this route for this year’s All-Star Game.

Bill Walsh’s Coaching Tapes: An Enduring Genius

Bill Walsh’s Coaching Tapes: An Enduring Genius

This is one of the best things I have read on the Internet. Whether you’re a 49ers fan or a football lover, this is a beautiful blast from the past to the amazing genius that is Bill Walsh.

MLB’s #DOMINoNo promotion is not going so well

Last year, MLB had this promotion in which following a no-hitter, fans can claim a code for a free pizza from Domino’s. I did it last year and it was cool.

Today they ran the same promotion. The only problem is that the server was down when it was time to claim the pizza and the reactions on Twitter is pretty funny. Well, it’s funny unless you’re really hungry.

It’s pretty embarrassing for MLB and Domino’s.

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Memorial Day means confusion to what it means for Blue Jays

Blue Jays celebrated America’s Memorial Day by wearing their Canadian camouflage.

During American holidays, all of Major League Baseball is decked out in special uniforms. Whether it’s the caps or jerseys (sometimes both), the teams will wear either a flag patch or a camouflage design. But on Memorial Day yesterday, it was a little strange.

Since it’s an American holiday, it would have been odd for the Blue Jays to participate in the uniform changeup. But it had been promoted that the Jays would take part of it.

But when the day arrived, the Jays did not wear that cap. Instead they used the Canadian (CADPAT) camouflage design instead. As you can see in the above photo, it’s green and completely different than what the rest of the league was wearing.

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An idea of what the new Hornets jerseys will look like

A look at the jersey wordmarks for the Hornets.

As confirmed by several sources, these are the wordmarks that the new Hornets will use on their jerseys. Unlike their previous set in which the city name was featured on both home and away sets, this one will feature the team name.

It is unknown if the new jerseys will have stripes like their original set, but we can tell that the home jersey is white and the road jersey is purple. Their alternate, which might have sleeves, likely will be teal and unveiled in possibly a year or two. I think it might read “Buzz City.”

I would have preferred that the road set would be teal, but I suppose maybe they unveil a teal version without sleeves later. It’s just a guess.

The colors look fresh and vibrant. I am optimistic about these. The entire uniform set will be unveiled on June 19.

Should the old Charlotte Hornets be part of the new Charlotte Hornets history?

During the announcement today that the Charlotte Bobcats will now be officially known as the Charlotte Hornets going forward, it was noted that the history of the team will adapt the old Charlotte Hornets.

The current franchise’s history will have the statistics of the Hornets from 1988-2002 and the Bobcats from 2004-2014. Essentially, all NBA teams that have played in Charlotte will be part of this franchise’s history. That means the New Orleans Hornets from 2002-2013 will be part of the New Orleans Pelicans history.

It’s hard for me to accept this ruling because I know that the original Hornets team moved to New Orleans and that remains as one franchise. But because of the new name switching, it’s essentially claiming that the original Hornets never moved to New Orleans. Somehow, there was a two-year gap before magically that Hornets team became the Bobcats even though that franchise was still in New Orleans.

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MLB’s Facebook page went full Chinese

The battle of the 2009 draft prospects — in Chinese!

Before realizing the oddity of it all and deleting it, Major League Baseball’s Facebook page posted the above update. It is about the upcoming matchup between the Nationals and Red, featuring Stephen Strasburg and Billy Hamilton. Both were products of the 2009 draft and now they face off.

Of course, there were lots of confusion as to why the entire post was posted in Chinese. Was this an error by MLB in an attempt to write something in Chinese but posting it in the wrong place?

The entry was deleted shortly thereafter but for a couple minutes it was very odd to see MLB post something that was completely out of the ordinary and something that I could read (well, most of it.)

My “Million Dollar Arm” movie review

I just got back from seeing “Million Dollar Arm” and this movie was very entertaining with a good amount of comedic pauses. Of course with Disney sports movies, this is what I expect. They know how to tell an uplifting story, take some moments to make it enjoyable and then teach a lesson.

Let me first say that the representation of India was a little harsher than what it actually is. They made it seem that the people there all are very lower class. That’s not actually true. But of course to portray it so we can empathize and make it very Hollywood, that’s what they had to do.

I knew and read about these two Indian prospects when they actually were signed by the Pirates so I was actually really curious about how their story would be portrayed. I never read the book, but if the book is anything similar to what I just watched, it’s a good one.

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