Keeping Mark Jackson is the right thing to do for Warriors

The Warriors took the Clippers to the limit under Mark Jackson.

I don’t know the ins and outs of why the coaching staff was going through changes this year. But from what I have seen from the outside, Mark Jackson is a good coach and deserves to remain as the Warriors’ coach.

There were rumors about his departure at season’s end and I wasn’t sure where that came from. If it’s internal, then I can’t really have much say with that. But if it’s purely on production, the team would be crazy to let him go. Players have voiced their support for him and I hope the team keeps him.

In Mark Jackson’s first two full seasons, he has taken the team to the playoffs. Despite his first year being screwed up by the lockout, it was the building blocks to back to back playoff appearances. Running into a more talented Clippers team was tough. Taking them to the limit without their starting center was impressive.

By that alone, the Warriors can’t let him go, right? Another important thing to think about is consistency. If the Warriors hire a new coach, that will be Stephen Curry’s fourth head coach in his still very young career. Who can succeed like that?

The Warriors are good. They just need some pieces to make the team better. But I think Mark Jackson has done tremendous with what he has and should be given the chance to take them further. He deserves to stay. I hope he does.


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