My “Million Dollar Arm” movie review

I just got back from seeing “Million Dollar Arm” and this movie was very entertaining with a good amount of comedic pauses. Of course with Disney sports movies, this is what I expect. They know how to tell an uplifting story, take some moments to make it enjoyable and then teach a lesson.

Let me first say that the representation of India was a little harsher than what it actually is. They made it seem that the people there all are very lower class. That’s not actually true. But of course to portray it so we can empathize and make it very Hollywood, that’s what they had to do.

I knew and read about these two Indian prospects when they actually were signed by the Pirates so I was actually really curious about how their story would be portrayed. I never read the book, but if the book is anything similar to what I just watched, it’s a good one.

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