Should the old Charlotte Hornets be part of the new Charlotte Hornets history?

During the announcement today that the Charlotte Bobcats will now be officially known as the Charlotte Hornets going forward, it was noted that the history of the team will adapt the old Charlotte Hornets.

The current franchise’s history will have the statistics of the Hornets from 1988-2002 and the Bobcats from 2004-2014. Essentially, all NBA teams that have played in Charlotte will be part of this franchise’s history. That means the New OrleansĀ Hornets from 2002-2013 will be part of the New Orleans Pelicans history.

It’s hard for me to accept this ruling because I know that the original Hornets team moved to New Orleans and that remains as one franchise. But because of the new name switching, it’s essentially claiming that the original Hornets never moved to New Orleans. Somehow, there was a two-year gap before magically that Hornets team became the Bobcats even though that franchise was still in New Orleans.

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