Redskins’ use of #RedskinsPride may not be the best idea

Most times, a tweet like this is harmless. But with the Redskins and their name controversy, it was really harmful to their image.

The Twitter reaction to this has been brutal.

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I must have and collect all the All-Star Peanuts gang

I am a huge fan of Peanuts. I have also been to Minneapolis. When I heard about the All-Star Game festivities and their theme of Peanuts, I was immediately sold on the idea of buying everything with their faces on it.

Snoopy and gang have always been my favorite. They just breed the goodness of people and since creator Charles Schulz is from the area, it was natural for them to promote the All-Star Game with these statues.

Of course I can’t have all the statues, but as a baseball fan and collector, I must find whatever memorabilia they are selling with the Peanuts gang and have them. I know they have figurines so I will absolutely make sure I will collect them all.

It’s so adorable! So glad they went this route for this year’s All-Star Game.