San Jose Sharks are adding “ice girls” and fans aren’t happy

Even though their California counterparts both employ ice girls, along with several other teams in the league, the San Jose Sharks have never gone that route. When the ice needs to cleared, it’s usually skaters in black pants, fully covered.

There was no need to go with the eye candy route for the Sharks. The fans in San Jose actually love their hockey and don’t need eye candy to come to the games. (Yeah, that’s a dig at SoCal hockey “fans.”)

However, the Sharks think that ice girls are the way to go. They will wear skin-tight black pants, a top that will cover some of their body. They’ll just look like this. Essentially, it’s objectifying women, right? Kind of like what cheerleaders are for basketball and football, right?

Even though this will be a co-ed team, the men will be fully clothed while the women will be wearing tighter, more revealing outfits.

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Every player will wear specially designed cap during MLB All-Star Game

I mentioned last night that the MLB All-Star game will feature a unique uniform appearance different from years past. Not only are teams wearing new designed caps for the Home Run Derby, it appeared that they will have specially designed caps for the actual game.

Confirmed by USA Today, players will wear caps modeled after the Twins’ batting helmet from the 1970s. The template will be the same, but the colors and logo are team specific.

Rather than have the players wear their normal cap, the branding and merchandising department appears to have the stranglehold here. I like that at least they kept the team colors and logos here, but this is not necessary. It’s all about making the dollars.

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