Could these be the new uniforms for several NBA teams?

The Warriors could be adding ANOTHER new uniform for this season.

Take this as pure speculation. The information from this post could be true. But without any confirmation, take it for what it is. I’m inclined to believe that this could be likely real.

But for the sake of discussion, let’s assume these are true. Let’s take a look at them and try to guess what will be the changes that these teams will take on with their new uniforms for the season.

Supposed third/alt uniforms

* Pelicans –> My guess here is a red or gold set that’s similar to what they currently wear. There could be a chance that it is a Mardi Gras set. Since the team is still rather new in terms of identity, I say the Mardi Gras would be the most likely.

* Warriors –> Because the team is preparing for their move to San Francisco and started incorporating black into their secondary logos, I will guess a black set is very possible. I would like to see a gold, sleeveless set, however.

* Wizards –> If not a Wizards throwback, then I would just say it’s their current road set with the blue and red inverse.

* Bulls –> A throwback? They already have a black alt.


“Pride jerseys” (much like Lakers Hollywood,  Pistons Motor City, Portland Rip City, etc)

* Suns –> Black with PHX on front. Or maybe like the Spurs silver alts, maybe just a Phoenix bird on front.

* Nets –> This will be a black and white version to their ABA set that Dr. J wore.

* Magic –> I can’t come up with any guesses.

* Celtics –> No idea.

* Rockets –> Gold alternate to match their already alternate set?

* Warriors –> This might be something that could incorporate San Francisco.


And also noted Portland’s Rip City uniforms will have sleeves.


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