LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and the domino effect

He’s coming back! LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after leaving them four years ago and winning two titles with the Miami Heat.

Four years ago, the city was hurt and people hated him. They wanted him to suffer. They wanted him to fail. They wanted him to go away.

But deep in side, there was a hope that maybe he would be back. Maybe he would change. There was a feeling that time would heal these wounds.

And here we are, the prodigal son has returned to Cleveland. It’s going to be a huge change for the NBA landscape now.

LeBron James will wear #6 in his return to Cleveland, as noted on his website.

I want to applaud James this time around. Unlike the unnecessary circus he created in The Decision, this one was not as crazy. He still caught the world’s attention, but he kept it classy with a simple story through Sports Illustrated. At least through this, I can say that I respect the way he handled this.

Now we see how the rest of the NBA free agents follow suit. Carmelo Anthony should make his decision soon. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade now have to find out how to move on without James. Do the Cavaliers still try to pursue Kevin Love? Does Love now become harder to acquire for the Warriors? This one decision will lead to a lot of other decisions.

It’s still shocking to see James return to Cleveland. But James noted to SI that his four years in Miami were like the college years he never had. He had time to mature, see who he was and now after that, he wanted to come home and bring a title Cleveland.

Good for Cleveland. The heartbreak was tough in 2010. But forgiveness reigns in sports and I am sure that the town, team has moved on and welcome back James with open arms. It’s a good thing that this happened.

Let’s see what happens next for the rest of the league.

Farewell to the nWo.


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