Darren Rovell: Heartless monster who has no sympathy for Paul George’s injury

Darren Rovell tweeted that out about an hour after Paul George’s nasty leg injury. While important, the timing is bad. This goes to par for what Rovell is about. He doesn’t value people as people, rather they are assets to a company.

Tweet this tomorrow, maybe different reaction. Or maybe after official diagnosis or even after George gets a chance to address the public. Nope. He’s just heartless.

He did.

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Nike SpeedVent training camp shorts may be Nike’s greatest design contribution to the NFL

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When Nike took over the NFL several years ago, they got off to a rough start. They had issues with players and their designs weren’t all that great.

But as I was sifting through training camp photos, I found something that Nike designed for the NFL that I thought was beautiful. In fact, I can say this may be their greatest design contribution to the league since taking over.

Introducing to you: The Nike SpeedVent shorts.

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