Tampa Bay Rays are ashamed of their Devil Rays past

The Tampa Bay Rays used to be known as the Devil Rays. They dropped the “Devil” part of their name in 2008. That’s fine. It’s been a while since anyone has referred to them as that.

But today they are playing a throwback-themed game against the Cubs. They are wearing their fauxbacks since they have no history before the the late 1990s. And the Cubs went to celebrate the throwback occasion by bringing out an old Tampa Bay flag. The Rays didn’t like it.

I don’t get it. You’re angry at the Cubs for throwing back to your history for a throwback game?

The Rays may not like the name now, but it’s their history. Don’t get it all twisted. Why are you upset? Only a year after you changed your name you went throwback embracing your old name. You’re weird, Devil Rays.

But the Rays probably realized how dumb they were for reacting.

Still, it’s history. You can’t ignore it.


One thought on “Tampa Bay Rays are ashamed of their Devil Rays past

  1. The Rays have an idiot running their marketing department, They ripped off the Seattle Mariners Kings Court that honors Felix Hernandez by implementing a K-9 District for David Price and his dog Astro. Only good thing about Price’s trade is that will be gone. They now rip off the 1979 Padres jerseys changing them to ugly colors to pass off on idiot fans that will blindly hand over their money for this garbage merchandise. They could still keep the “Devil” out as they had real jerseys in the past that just said “Rays” and “Tampa Bay”.

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