A call for the 49ers to wear their 1994 throwbacks this year

The 1994 throwbacks.

In 1994, the NFL celebrated their 75th anniversary and many teams throughout the league wore throwbacks that season. The 49ers wore the throwbacks you see above, taking back to their 1955 set, early in the season. When they got superstitious, they decided to keep wearing that uniform. They eventually rode that all the way to their Super Bowl XXIX victory.

That was the last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl and the aspirations to return and win it are at an all-time high for this franchise. Since the 49ers changed their uniform to their current set in 1994, the team has not worn a throwback for any kind. This current set is so similar to what they wore during their glory years of the 1980s that they eliminated any potential throwback games to that era. Of course they could throw back to the Jeff Garcia, Shaun Hill days but most of those were very tough seasons that fans might not want to remember.

So why not throw back to the 1994 set?

Mitchell & Ness, the premiere throwback manufacturer recently released the white versions of the 1994 throwbacks. They already have the home reds available the desire for these throwbacks are high. The 49ers should dig back into their history and go for these throwbacks this year. The fans love it and it would be a fun way to christen the new stadium.

The biggest obstacle would be Nike and NFL’s rules. If the team had not put in a request for throwbacks, it may take a while for Nike to make them. Seeing them this year in unlikely. But if they do decide to do it, I don’t think the NFL would have any objection.

The current NFL rule states that every player must wear one helmet all season long. Therefore, throwback games which require a new helmet would no longer be allowed. The Falcons, Buccaneers can’t do throwback games anymore because they would have to get new helmet shells for everyone. But if they do go throwback, they just can’t change their helmet shells (but can swap out the logos and facemask.)

Fortunately for the 49ers, the 1994 throwbacks match the current helmet they are wearing. All they need to do is swap out the logo. And for the uniform itself, reproducing that red jersey and white pants aren’t difficult at all.

I would love to see these uniforms return to the field for a throwback. It would be great and a refreshing new look for the team even if it’s worn once. I don’t see them pulling any strings to make this happen this year. But if it did, I would be all for it.


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