The new punishments for domestic violence is good but not good enough for NFL

Roger Goodell admitted that his decision to punish Ray Rice for only two games for beating his fiance was not good enough. In turn he has implemented a new rule for every NFL employee that a first offense will now warrant six games. A second one will lead to a lifetime ban.

I am happy that Goodell finally saw that the punishment he handed Rice was not strict enough, that a domestic violence situation should warrant a harsher punishment.

But is six games enough? It’s tough to say since these kinds of things can get dragged out in court and sometimes cases are dropped. Should the punishment be more strict? There’s a certain balance between tolerance and forgiveness. The NFL is a forgiving league and giving a player a chance to come back is a good policy. But should the first offense punishment be harsher to be a bigger deterrent?

I think at least a full season ban would suffice. You have to show that this kind of behavior is a serious matter.

One thing is for certain is that the people have spoken and the commissioner listened. It’s still silly to think that something this big was not given the proper attention initially. The NFL is too powerful of a company and has too big of a presence to not set the right example.

Maybe now they have learned their own lesson. They are still ways away from getting on track with some common sense, but at least they’re on it finally.


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