The reaction to video of Ray Rice punching his fiancee

EDIT: Ravens release Ray Rice. 



The NFL claims that they have never seen the full video of Ray Rice hitting his fiance Janay (now wife) before today. Do you believe that?

Now with this video out there, there was a major reaction around the NFL from people who believe Ray Rice deserves a harsher punishment.

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 1 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 1 games from Sunday. (Yes, I know I am not the first person to do something like this. Oh well.)

Very nice tribute from DeAngelo Williams for his late mother who died from breast cancer in May.

1– DeAngelo Williams dyes hair pink and paints toe nails pink to honor mom who died of breast cancer in May. He also wore cleats with pink spikes. The NFL already has a month dedicated to breast cancer awareness in October. However, it’s kind of a tough situation. Teams are not required, but pretty much told to adorn pink everywhere for the month. It’s too much. It feels forced. It’s a good thing but it’s still kind of a tough visual.

But for players who have actually been impacted by it, something like this is much better. It’s subtle, but effective and it means more. I remember in 2011 then 49ers running back Anthony Dixon wanted to dye his hair pink for breast cancer awareness but it didn’t go well and it went blonde. These kinds of acts are much more effective than a month-wide pinkfest. Granted awareness is stronger when everyone does it, but the personal ones are the ones that mean more. Props to DeAngelo for keeping it simple and classy. Also, check out his essay on it after his mom passed.

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