10 thoughts on Sunday‚Äôs Week 3 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 3 games from Sunday.

1– The 49ers fans loved their team so much, they decided to lose their composure at the game too. Look at this brawl. What an embarrassment for everyone involved. Is that blood?

As for the game, I am shocked at how undisciplined the 49ers were. Sure, there were a good number of penalties called against the, that I disagreed with, but the bigger issue is the team’s inability to do anything in the second half of their games this season. 52-3. You read that right. After a pretty solid start to the game, the team decided to slow down and just not get anything going. Frank Gore disappeared and I am not sure the secondary can last this season.

They’re better than the Cardinals. But somehow they just couldn’t get their act going. This is a tough spot as they host the Eagles next week. Going 1-3 could seriously jeopardize their changes of making the playoffs.

And can you believe Colin Kaepernick said that?

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