10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 4 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 4 games from Sunday.

1– You want some blood and guts? Don’t get on Steve Smith’s bad side. Even though he tried to downplay this game, we all knew that the first game against his old team was going to be a big deal for him. And it was. Just take a look at this big play. Lucky? Sure. But he was aware and caught it and scored. The Panthers had no chance and it appears that the team has lost some of its swagger from last year. The Panthers defense isn’t as strong as I thought and the lack of strong offensive weapons is hurting them bad.

Smith on the other hand has been a fantastic addition to the Ravens and the team has a gem in him. He may be 35 but he’s playing a huge role for the offense. I think Justin Forsett is finding more opportunities to run the ball and that may very well mean the end of Bernard Pierce’s time as the starter. Unless coach Harbaugh flips it around, look for this Ravens offense to stick with Forsett as the the top back going forward.

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