10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 5 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 5 games from Sunday.

1– That is what Jim Harbaugh thinks of your rumors. It was reported that 49ers won’t retain Harbaugh after this season, even the 49ers win the Super Bowl. Of course, there was a lot of discussion as to what that really means and if that is true at all. CEO Jed York even chimed in with a tweet that didn’t really deny it.

But winning solves everything, right? Well if that’s the case, the 49ers are doing just fine. The win wasn’t pretty, but it saw the running game strong again, the passing game play well enough to win and Phil Dawson making all his kicks. Even though it was Alex Smith’s return, that ended up being secondary as the 49ers were able to control the momentum late and force Smith into a late-game interception to seal the win. Until the end of the season comes, I don’t think too much about it. And if the 49ers keep winning, then this will die down. And if the 49ers still win the Super Bowl and let Harbaugh go, then at least the 49ers won the Super Bowl.

2– Silence to all you Tom Brady haters. Sure the teammates he has right now aren’t as talented as the ones he had in the past. But that doesn’t mean Brady still can’t do it. Just a game like this could easily put the team back on track and they did so convincingly. Never count out Terrific Tom. Never.

3– Cam Newton is one player I can’t figure out. He has all the talent in the world but there are times where his decision-making is really poor. Other times it looks like he’s a superstar in the making. What I do know is that if Newton can get a healthy running game, then the offense can find some balance. The defense is strong but it all depends more in Newton leading the offense. It’s not easy, but today at least gave me some hope that Newton can still be great.

4– The Jets are terrible. Geno Smith has no confidence. Michael Vick has nothing left.

On the other hand. The Chargers may be the best team in the AFC. They showed us why today and I expect them to keep it up and win the division. Philip Rivers, in my mind, is playing like an MVP.

5– What concerns me is Calvin Johnson. He has not been healthy all year and it’s starting to hurt the Lions. His absence is hard to account for in an offense and the Lions better start figuring out how to move on without him on the field.

Also, the trolling is real.

6– The Eagles offense I still can’t figure out, but their defense on Sunday looked magnificent. They were just having a ball. That alone gave them a huge lead early. But somehow they started to slack and let Ausitn Davis nearly mount a comeback. I think this is part of the learning pains for this team. Nick Foles isn’t performing to the highest level yet and LeSean McCoy is still trying to find his stride. They’ve gotten lucky so far but they need to find their identity as a team before it gets deeper into the season.

7– The Cowboys shouldn’t be 4-1. But they are. The Texans had no business keeping the game close, but they did. I’ll just leave it at that.

8– Blake Bortles continues to impress me. Even though the Jaguars lost again, there are a few things I like from the Jaguars. Their defensive front gave the Steelers fits all day and held their running game in check. This defensive line is starting to take effect as one to reckon with. The Jaguars offense is still a work in progress. It will take a while for Bortles to get truly comfortable. But to lead the offense down the field and show signs of hope gives me a belief that this team is going in the right direction.

9– The Cardinals didn’t have a chance with their third-string quarterback coming in and going up against Peyton Manning and the offense in a major groove. Cardinals are a good team, but nowhere near the excellence the Broncos displayed.

10– Forget Johnny Manziel. As long as Brian Hoyer can lead the Browns like this, the team has a future with him under center. That’s good since Manziel isn’t forced into action to save the team.

Also, Jake Locker is not the answer. He can’t stay healthy. Time for the Titans to find themselves a new starting QB. The team has potential to be good. But they need a good QB.


More injuries today but we’ll see what comes of it as this week progresses.

In both my fantasy leagues, I already scored more points than my opposition heading into Sunday Night Football. Both opposing teams have used up all their players. Both my teams had the two defenses playing in the Sunday night game. I knew that I had the win unless my defense gave me negative points. So I benched both my defenses just to be safe.

The Patriots defense got me 14 points. That would have put me at 100 points but my 86 points was still good enough to win. (I hope this doesn’t hurt my tiebreaking scenarios later.)

I won my other matchup 97.58-94.44. The Bengals defense got me -3 points. Had I played them, I would have won by .14 points. Too close to call. Glad I benched them. Too risky. Way too risky since I had a feeling one of my defenses would falter tonight.

In a week of poor coaching decisions, I showed everyone how it’s done.

And also, this looks great in slo-mo.


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