Who needs ugly NFL sweaters when you have ugly NFL cardigans?

The game done changed. Oh man, this is ugly. I love it! Check out the tweet.

I think the 49ers one is calling for me. The sweaters were great. But this is a whole new level. It’s $119 though. But if you have the spending money, you might as well.

What do you think? Would you get these?


10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 8 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 8 games from Sunday.

1– So the Jets are bad. I mean, Geno Smith threw three picks in the first quarter. Backup Mike Vick also contributed to three turnovers. This was not good. I don’t know what kind of identity the Jets team has, but they are looking more and more like a team that seems unprepared and lacking of talent. What a shame.

I do like what the Bills have in Kyle Orton. Not the greatest QB but somehow they’re winning. Losing both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson is forcing them to pass a little more and that’s actually great. Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins are good young talents. Just make sure you score first before you celebrate.

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