How I bought WrestleMania tickets without any problem

My WrestleMania ticket I will end up selling.

I knew that WrestleMania tickets were going on sale today. It was actually the presale. But with presales, you know that if you can get your hands on a code, then you are good to go. I didn’t have a code. But of course, that’s easy to find. I hopped on Google and Twitter, did a search and found the codes (there were like five different ones) I needed for the presale.

One of the toughest things when trying to buy popular tickets is the system you have in place to get them. The first┬áthing I had to make sure was that my Internet was working and that I had both my Chrome and Firefox browser up. Firefox seems to work better with Ticketmaster. I don’t know why.

Secondly, you have to have a buddy system. If you’re trying to buy the tickets on your own, it’s harder to maximize the potential tickets. Luckily, I bought tickets and my friend bought tickets. Now I have extras I don’t need and I can resell them for a profit.

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