I drove all the way up to Bakersfield to see the Condors on Seinfeld night

Last night I drove up to Bakersfield. I had never been there before and it was a two-hour drive I thought I would dread. Luckily I was going there because the ECHL Bakersfield Condors were hosting a Seinfeld night. I just had to go. My old college buddy Mark lives out there so it was good to catch up and enjoy some good Seinfeld fun.

Before that, we stopped by Red House BBQ in Tehachapi. Delicious!!!

Brisket with mac & cheese, fried pickles and a piece of the Indian taco bread.

After that, we chilled for a bit before heading out to the game. I didn’t know what to expect. They had a rickshaw race and a costume competition that never actually happened. It was a bummer that not a lot of people showed up. Do they not like Seinfeld?

The entire evening was filled with clips from the show and some pretty cool raffles for the jerseys. I didn’t win. They even had a contest to see who could throw a foam puck to center ice for a prize. The workers there told me the second intermission and “halftime” are the same thing.

Anyway, the thing that really caught my eye was the jerseys. They were modeled after the puffy shirt, with the show’s character names on the jersey. Underneath the number was a name of a fake company from the show.

That “Assman” jersey went to auction and was purchased for $1,800.

Also, they were selling replicas for $250. I wanted one, but held off on it. Take a look at the options.

Throughout the game, the players were identified by their character names. I may have been the only one actually cheering on for Puddy and Uncle Leo to do something. It was just really fun.

The Condors would lose in overtime but I think something like was a great idea. Unfortunately, this promotion deserved a more enthusiastic crowd.

Still, it was an exciting experience. Will I be back ever in Bakersfield? Unlikely. But I have at least one good memory of it.


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