10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 11 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 11 games from Sunday.

1– Even though the 49ers won thanks to Eli Manning and his five interceptions, the 49ers don’t look strong. Last week a few things had to go right just for them to win. This week, they couldn’t find much separation from the Giants in their win. Even though they now have won two in a row, it’s not a very impressive win streak. The defense has played better but the offense is still a mystery. The running game looked OK for the most part but the passing game is still a work in progress.

Could it be more Jim Harbaugh future coaching distractions? I don’t know. But a win is a win until you start realizing that a trend appears. Then these wins are just concerning. What are the 49ers going to do about this offense?

2– The Packers are good. Look at them putting up another 50-burger. Aaron Rodgers is pulling away with the MVP award in this race right now and this team is looking like the Super Bowl winner I predicted they would be. Simply amazing.

3– Even without their starting quarterback, the Cardinals know they can rely on their defense to help carry them. This is what I saw when Drew Stanton took over for Carson Palmer. As long as he can make the smart throws, the rest will come to him. These Cards look real legit and there isn’t a major drop-off in production.

4– Well, the Bears are a mess. Jay Cutler at least seems to have found himself an easy matchup here.

5– The injuries hurt the Broncos big time. I am not too concerned about their loss to the Rams. As long as the team is healthy by the time the playoffs roll around, I think they will be fine. They have great depth and not having Montee Ball, Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders around for a week won’t be the worst.

6– Is there anything this guy can’t do?

7– The Chiefs didn’t have much of a passing attack against the Seahawks, but their defense was strong at the end. Jamaal Charles had a great game. After an 0-2 start, the Chiefs have won seven of their next eight. They’re looking gritty. It may not be pretty, but they don’t have to be pretty.

The Seahawks, I think, should be fine. They should have won this game but I just think it was a bump in the road for them.

8– What’s up with the Chargers? I think Philip Rivers will be fine, but it still concerns me that they barely got a win against the lowly Raiders. If they don’t find their groove soon, they might just have to watch playoff football at home. What happened to the spark that they had earlier in the year?

9– Cam Newton is just wasting away right now. After a strong season last year, his skills have regressed and part of it is because the talent he has around him does not match up to what he had last year. It’s getting harder to watch the Panthers every week.

10– Jonas Gray. Wow. Tom Bardy. Wow. Rob Gronkowski. Wow. This Patriots team is on fire and the Colts are looking a little weak. Nothing to be concerned about on their end. But they better find their groove (and figure out how to get Trent Richardson relevant again) to give themselves at balance on offense.


I set my fantasy lineup without a kicker this week since Dan Bailey was on a bye. I didn’t add anyone to replace him because I liked my team roster as is and I wanted to keep Bailey on the team. I did the math and by projection standards, I could still win the week without a kicker. The guy I am facing, however, has Jonas Gray and his four touchdowns. Now I enter Monday night needing 11 points by the Steelers defense. He also has Justin Hunter. Do I try to add a player to even try to win this week or just hope and prepare to eat my loss?

I may just leave my lineup as is. I am in second place and a loss this week doesn’t hurt me. My main concern will be making sure Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas are healthy for my playoff run.


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