10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 12 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 12 games from Sunday.

1– I will start off with the Sunday night game. That catch was amazing. I was a fan of Beckham in college and I knew he had great potential. Many knew about his ability to do these kinds of things but to actually pull it off in the game was amazing. However, the product of the Giants overall overshadows this amazing catch. The defense is soft and the play of Eli Manning is hurting the team. Did you see that Cowboys final drive? That offensive line was giving Tony Romo pocket protection like no other. If that offensive line could do that more often throughout the game, these Cowboys could be real dangerous down the line. Giving Romo and running back DeMarco Murray that kind of blocking is great.

2– To be brutally honest about the 49ers, they stink. A team so talented has looked so flat. The defensive performance led by Vic Fangio has been great. The pass rush on the Redskins was outstanding. But the offense is hurting this team bad. No consistency and just a lack of dynamic boom. Worst of all, there’s a feeling that the offense might not get it all together in time. With a short week, they really need to get their act together. If the offense and special teams aren’t producing, it could spell the end of the 49ers’ playoff hopes.

3– I had stashed Josh Gordon for the longest time this season, hoping he would be a huge difference down the stretch for my fantasy team. He had 120 yards receiving in his return game. That’s good. Even better is that it doesn’t look like he missed a beat. The Browns have this mad confidence right now and it’s warranted. Brian Hoyer is playing well enough and the team is gritty. I want the Browns to do well and this return could really propel them.

4– Mark Sanchez had a bad game last week. This week, the Eagles offense goes dummy. The Eagles defense could be one of the best in the league and if they can at least maintain that down the stretch, they can be dangerous no matter how good or bad Sanchez is under center. LeSean McCoy finally had the big game we all were waiting for from him. Watch out for this team!

5– Jonas Gray was late to practice so he ended up not playing on Sunday despite having four touchdowns the previous game. The return of LeGarrette Blount meant he would get the touches. He did. The Patriots look oh so dangerous right now. Even when Brady isn’t throwing passes to Gronk, other players are stepping up and taking advantage. This team is good right now.

6– I dislocated my hip watching this. Check this out too.

The Dolphins are showing so much signs of promise. I see big things from them next year if they can keep their core together. Their big lead was wiped away by the great play of the Broncos offense. It still fascinates me how Peyton Manning can still manufacture comeback wins in nearly any situation. The Broncos needed this win bad and they got it.

7– Aaron Rodgers plays for the best team in the league right now. He also is the MVP in my opinion. It was a tight game against the Vikings but once again he just had complete control of the offense. Eddie Lacy, after a slow start, is looking real dangerous as well.

8– The more I try to convince myself that the Bengals aren’t that good, they continue to get these squeaky wins and I just don’t know what to think of them. Andy Dalton isn’t playing real well yet the defense and the rest of the team continue to just give them enough to win. Ryan Mallett was playing hurt yet the Bengals didn’t really take full advantage of that.

9– If the Rams can get one healthy quarterback, they’re dangerous. But their rotation of injured quarterbacks are just so hard to watch. They have the talent to make things work. Even with Shaun Hill on Sunday, they almost beat the Chargers.

10– The Cardinals made too many mistakes and without Larry Fitzgerald, they were only capable to do so much. Too many errors and a hungry Seahawks team was not going to be good for the Cards. But that defense still remains strong and if they can continue to play like that, this Cardinals team is still dangerous.

Tell ’em, Marshawn.


Julius Thomas is on my fantasy team and was inactive. Panicking, I dropped the Pittsburgh defense (a defense I want to use later in the season instead of my New England defense) to pick up Jacob Tamme. I thought Tamme would at least give me something. Instead Tamme got me negative points and now I have to hope I can snatch up the Pittsburgh defense back in the waiver wire. What a disastrous situation. And worst of all, I have a huge lead and it appears that picking up Tamme wasn’t necessary at all.


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