Why did Pablo Sandoval go to the Red Sox?

Pablo Sandoval had made it known he wanted to stay with the Giants. The team reportedly offered him a five-year deal worth around $95 million. The Red Sox reportedly offered him the same length for $100 million. Is the extra $5 million the deciding factor? I don’t think so.

Both teams are great situations. With the Giants, he gets to stay with a team he knows in a city he knows. He is already a hero and there is a comfort there. But Boston offers more exposure, more power in the bats and a potentially exciting new career direction.

What may have sold it for Sandoval is the designated hitter rule. I don’t think Sandoval is a terrible third baseman, but maybe he’s protecting himself from potential injuries by being a designated hitter. In fact, it could prolong his career. With the addition of Hanley Ramirez, the chance to play with David Ortiz and a young core that could bring back either Jon Lester or Cole Hammels, the Red Sox look pretty good on paper.

It would have been nice to see someone so beloved by the city stay with the Giants. But I don’t fault him for leaving. Both situations are great and he couldn’t go wrong either way.


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