My thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game uniforms by Adidas

Check out the link for all the details on the new NBA All-Star Game uniforms. It is a shocker as it is quite simple, sleeve-free and features some unique designs that you may not notice.

It seems to me that with the simplicity of the Nets’ design and the history of basketball in New York, a design without a lot of glitz and glamour and all that jazz made sense. After all, New York is very big on their fashion and the last thing you want to do is represent The Big Apple with a poorly designed look.

With that said, I want to break down the warmups and the actual uniforms themselves.

Take a look at the above warmups. Black jacket with individual accomplishments on the sleeve? Yeah, I’m cool with that. Simple is good and these badges work. The shooting shirt is basically a baseball shirt. I guess, but it doesn’t really work for me in this situation. What bothers me is the pants. They look like lazy pants, the kind that you wear when you can’t find your jeans. They look like the fleece pants you wear at home. Not digging that.

Let’s go to the uniforms. Let me be the first to say that I hate hate hate that Adidas fores their three stripes on almost everything. It kills the design element of the uniform. I looked at this and I was almost surprised that they didn’t do it. Then I looked at the shorts. And there they are, completely unnecessary and killing the uniform once again. Adidas will never learn.

As for the jerseys, the big number in the front is OK with me. But it sure reminds me of a cheap rec league jersey. Or something generic. The star on the front is actually nice and the details of it is very good. In fact, I like the simplicity and creativity of it. And seeing it down one side, like the Nets’ old jerseys, is a nice touch. Just get your graphics right, Adidas.

As for the back of the jersey, I think it’s terrible. Full names? This is too much. They’ve already designated first names for Christmas and now this? I feel like they just didn’t know what to do with the space and over-compensated.

Overall, it is way better than the uniforms of years past. But it’s still nowhere near anything that I would like. There are some things that work for me (the stars) but it is still a mess. Oh well, that’s what happens when you let Adidas in control.


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