10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 14 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 14 games from Sunday.

The Raiders gave the 49ers fits all day.

1– The 49ers are done. Even though they are still in the hunt to make the playoffs, nothing from their recent performance suggests they’ll pull it off. Sunday’s loss to Oakland showed that their pass rush is not strong. Their offensive line is not strong. Colin Kaepernick is not making good decisions. The team isn’t playing well at all. Add on top of the rumored Jim Harbaugh and front office troubles, we have a team that has the talent to be a good team but just isn’t doing it. This may be it for the small little run by the 49ers atop the NFC. They look lost.

2– Two thoughts came to mind when I was watching the Sunday night game. My first thought was that the Chargers can still be a good team. They showed great signs of life and Philip Rivers for the most part looked pretty good. I thought this team would be the best team in the division earlier in the season but they’ve fallen in the second half.

And the reason why the Chargers didn’t win last night was Tom Brady. I was impressed by the protection he had in the pocket and the Patriots are looking real strong. They might not have the big names on offense and defense, but they are playing so well as a cohesive unit. Watch out for this team.

3– Cardinals defense really got it back together after allowing Jamaal Charles two early touchdowns on Sunday. This defense is what holds this team together and despite another mediocre offensive output, the Cardinals have enough of what it takes to win with their defense. I don’t think the Cardinals have enough to win it all against the stronger teams in the NFC, but at least they will remain close in all the games.

4– Even when Andrew Luck has a bad day, he still finds a way to win. I was very impressed by how the Colts defense kept it close after falling behind early and giving their offense a chance. Luck and T.Y. Hilton are a great duo and it showed on Sunday. This came thanks to Brian Hoyer and the offense getting enough separation. Would Johnny Manziel have been the answer? I don’t know. But I do know that the Browns need to figure out if Hoyer is their guy or not. This cloud of uncertainty is too much.

5– The Lions passing game is looking real strong. I am very impressed.

I am not impressed with this though.

6– Peyton Manning doesn’t throw a touchdown for the first time in 51 games. He throw three interceptions. But that running game saved the Broncos. It seems like anybody can be a star back in Denver. It’s been that way for this team for some time dating back to the Mike Shanahan days. Still not an impressive win but at this point, the Broncos just want to get their wins any way they can and secure themselves that playoff spot.

7– The Seahawks defense was amazing. They held the explosive Eagles offense to less than 140 yards. Then on the other side of the ball, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch were their normal selves. I may think now this Seahawks team, after a midseason bump, has found their stride once again. Be careful, NFC.

8– I am not sold on the Bengals. Not this year. They have made me rethink it a couple times but Sunday’s game against the Steelers reminded me why I don’t think highly of them. I don’t trust their offense and the defense had no answer for Le’Veon Bell. None.

9– Baltimore has been an intriguing team to me. Losing key players all year long and they are looking to be a team to be on the alert when the playoffs roll around. Steve Smith has been a fantastic addition to the offense and Justin Forsett is carrying the load real well. Also, Joe Flacco may not have the great numbers but he is making all the right plays. This could be a huge surprise team in January. Keep an eye out for the Ravens.

10– Bene Benwikere from SJSU. That is all.


Looking at the college playoff picture, I still wonder if the system has some bias against the Big 12. Either way, Oregon looks real strong and I think they will win it all.


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