10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 15 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 15 games from Sunday.

The 49ers couldn’t keep the Seahawks down.

1– The 49ers are officially done. It isn’t a surprise really seeing how this team has struggled in the past month. Even though the defense played well for most of the game, it was the offense that forced the team into tough spots. The first half they had some signs of life with a strong running game but ultimately, the offense (especially the pocket protections) looked like what they have been like this past month: lost. With that said, the season is over for the team. The playoffs are out of the picture and the questions about Jim Harbaugh’s future continues to grow stronger by the daily. The Seahawks are just a better team and the 49ers are struggling to even put together a successful game plan to win games.

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