10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 16 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 16 games from Sunday.

1– Earlier in the year I wondered about the Seahawks and if they were going to get on track. They didn’t look great then and a lot of it can be traced to their injuries on defense. But those guys are healthy and the Seahawks offense is running wild. Marshawn Lynch last night was phenomenal. Also, I can see that the Hawks are looking like the team to beat in the NFC. They have the top record now and if any team has to go through Seattle, it’s not going to be easy.

The Cardinals, however, are in big trouble. Their entire team can’t be on the shoulders of the defense. Without a reliable quarterback, they are in real bad shape. Last night showed that they could only last for so long before their deficiencies caught up to them.

2– I still have my money on the Packers winning it all. They took care of the Bucs yesterday, which was expected. But as of this moment, they hold the final wild card spot. Can this team win all their games on the road on the way to the Super Bowl? I still think they can but I can imagine how much of a difference it would make if they had the division title.

3– Speaking of the NFC North title, the Lions are still surprising me left and right. I look at their team and I still am not convinced that they have enough to be that good. Yet they keep winning and are atop the division. Joique Bell has really impressed me and his running yesterday was on point. I think as long as Matthew Stafford limits his mistakes and the team secondary doesn’t give up big plays, the Lions are probably good enough to make a splash in the playoffs. They showed that against the hapless Bears.

This will be good!

4– I may have cost myself a fantasy football championship thanks to the Vikings. I have Ryan Tannehill and RG3 on my team and looking at the matchup, I thought RG3 had a better matchup against Philly. I saw that the Vikings defense has been real solid lately and Tannehill would be a disaster against them. I benched Tannehill and his four TDs got him over 30 points. All on my bench. All basically wasted and I won’t win the fantasy championship. Can anyone figure out this QB? When will he be consistent?

5– The Texans, even at 8-7, can still secure a playoff spot. I’ve been watching this team and I can’t figure them out. Their QB situation is in shambles and they have no consistent offensive rhythm. But if Andre Johnson can continue putting up numbers as he has done all his career, then there is a chance. I want to see them make it after the disaster they had last year and the wasted pick in Clowney.

6– Oakland has three straight home wins. That’s great for a team that was lifeless with Dennis Allen. Carr is showing that he is the best QB out of this draft and the offensive creativity is really showing under Tony Sparano. Is he worth consideration for the full-time gig? What I do think is that the team has the building blocks in place. And after stomping on the Bills’ fading playoff hopes, maybe this Raiders team can be serious in a couple years.

7– Poor Johnny Manziel. He’s talented but he is taking his necessary bumps in this league before he can really settle in. The Browns once looked like a playoff team early on is now at 7-8. What a disappointment.

8– Dallas is looking real good. In fact, their offense as a whole is spectacular. That offensive line is on point in their protection. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are on some kind of level that is better than any other duo in the league. They’re putting up big points and the defense is playing well enough. Don’t sleep on this team. If Romo and the gang can avoid any of their usual chokes, this team could catch some people by surprise.

And as for the Colts, I don’t put too much stock on this big loss. They are still a good team. However, can they get some consistency in the running game?

9– Who wants to win the NFC South? Nobody? OK. Man, do the Saints look bad. And the Falcons aren’t that great either but they won this very important game. A division winner with a losing record? What a shame. But hey, that’s how the system is put in place.

10– Let me just say that the Steelers would not be where they are if not for Le’Veon Bell. I think he is the MVP this year. He didn’t have a spectacular game (he did score a TD) but this entire Steelers team wouldn’t be in this position without him. The running game has opened up the offense for the Steelers and I believe they could be the team that could make a big splash in these playoffs. It’s all on the shoulder of Bell to keep their momentum going.


Next Sunday I will be at the 49ers game. This will be my first time at the stadium for anything. The team is out of the playoffs which means I might get a chance to get more leg room and check out everything. I will be back for the Stadium Series and WrestleMania.


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