Digesting yesterday’s Christmas NBA uniforms

After almost 24 hours to digest it, I have decided that I dislike the Christmas day NBA uniforms even more. I didn’t like them when they first announced them a while back but I was hopeful that maybe they won’t look too bad in action. I was wrong.

Nameplates under the number isn’t too crazy. It’s been done before. But when you have a generic nameplate that is the same length for all names, even if names are short, it doesn’t really work. The first name gimmick didn’t even bother me much, but some nameplates just looked out of place. It was plain. It wasn’t great.

Then to pair that with a small logo in the front of every jersey? Come on. The sports world has become a visual league and you don’t design a uniform that’s great for the HD TVs out there?

Maybe next year they can just not try to so hard and just give us something simple. But I can only hope.


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