Samuel Lam’s 2014 Best and Worst Dressed in sports: MLB edition

Camouflage is not necessary. Please stop. The Padres are the only team that should have it in a uniform rotation.

As we approach the end of 2014 and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to do my annual uniform in review post. Today I will only show you the MLB list since it was the heaviest one and tomorrow I will give you my NBA, NFL and NHL review. I was close to not doing this again this year because I didn’t think I had the time for it. Baseball gave us a lot this year and I know I didn’t name all of the changes from this past season. But I found some changes that really stood out to me.

This is a list of strictly my opinion, so feel free to agree or disagree or just take it for what it is.

To qualify for this list, the uniform element must be a new set that debuted and was used for in-game action in 2014. That’s pretty much it. Let’s go take a look at the list for Major League Baseball.


** I hope I didn’t miss anything important.

MLB’s Best and Worst Dressed


The team basically eliminated the dropshadow and it made a world of difference. The uniform looks cleaner and without the bevel, it’s less cluttered. The Rangers don’t have a perfect uniform, but this is tremendously better than what they had before.

KANSAS CITY ROYALS – They changed their dark blue alternate to this. I actually like the powder blue piping that went along with it. It’s not too loud and it still gives it a distinct look. Sure, there are many teams that have this same design template so it isn’t new. But they didn’t screw it up either.
OAKLAND ATHLETICS Another team that replaced an old alt. Same as the Royals. Good color balance. The new road cap is great when paired with this jersey. When paired with the gray jersey, it’s out of place.
LOS ANGELES DODGERS I never was too big on their primary road jersey with the city name. Too cluttered. This looks better. However, I wish it had the white piping like they did when Fernandomania was running wild.
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Another unnecessary change to something that already exists. But I do like this old school script. My only problem with this team identity is that three of their jerseys (road, road alt and orange) have the black headspoon piping while the home white doesn’t. Consistency please.
BOSTON RED SOX Back to their old road jerseys. More red, less navy. Good.


I know they are trying to emulate the old school Twins look, but this looked pretty pathetic all around. Mismatching and out of place designs forced onto the players. And Jeter’s final All-Star game is tainted with this. Next year’s All-Star game in Cincinnati has potential to be disastrous as well.

The Cubs wore a lot of throwbacks this past season so I won’t even try to address those. However, they introduced this as an alt road uniform and look how pathetic it is. Those numbers are tiny!
NEW YORK METS As mentioned above, camo should be for the Padres only.
ATLANTA BRAVES YUCK! Red, white and blue on a team jersey named after Native Americans who were forced out of their own land? Nope.
INDEPENDENCE DAY The idea is great and the execution isn’t too bad. But the idea of marketing and selling a holiday for profit just doesn’t fly with me.
TORONTO BLUE JAYS I know you love Canada, but it just feels so disconnected with the blue still in it. The hybrid look is a nice idea with BP jerseys and Canada caps, but it just doesn’t work for me.


1979 throwbacks to two uniforms I love? Yes! I love the trident era uniforms from the M’s and the tequila sunrise is so 1970s I love it. This was beautiful!


What other notable uniform, logo or any other visual changes this year did I miss? What did you like or hate?


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