The College Football Playoff was a complete success

The College Football Playoff made its debut yesterday and even though there is one more game left, I consider it a complete success. The one issue that the BCS created was the possibility of several worthy teams that should be considered for the championship game were left out. It was not fair and it didn’t bring any excitement. After all, just selecting two teams as championship contenders instead of having teams fight for the right was downright silly.

What we got yesterday was a glimpse of the future. There might be an expanded playoff in the future, but this final four approach works. We got the four best teams in the country in a playoff to determine who is the champion.

Under the old BCS rules, It would have been Florida State and Alabama in the championship game. Both teams lost last night. This was the deciding factor for me that put me over on how important this new playoff is for the system. It told us that the two teams that would have automatically be put in the championship game actually didn’t deserve to be champions.

What also makes this great is there is an excitement that comes with the playoff. Instead of a one-game approach, there is a battle to get to the top. And the element of surprise can give us something memorable for years to come.

It took them a while to realize that the playoff system is the better option. And in one night, it was proven that it was the best way for college football to determine its champion.


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