My predictions for Sunday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

Who will be smiling at the end of this game?


I may super biased still, but I don’t think much of the Bengals. I don’t think that Andy Dalton is the kind of quarterback that can take the team far. For so long I have felt that his game is so inconsistent. There are games where his passing is so atrocious that it hurts the team. Then there are times that he will have great games and I don’t know who he is. As for this game, I think he might put together a decent game but it won’t be enough.

First of all, we won’t see A.J. Green so that hurts the passing game tremendously. Secondly, the Colts offense is still pretty strong and even though their running game hasn’t been much, Andrew Luck’s arm will make this a high-scoring affair. The offense isn’t superb by any means, but these two match up really well and it could come down to who has the ball last.

I believe that Bengals’ running game will be the deciding factor in this game and that will propel the Bengals to the next round. But this game will be too close to call and could just be a toss up.



Does Matthew Stafford come up with another clutch performance against the Cowboys?


I have been very impressed with the Cowboys offense. Their offensive line has been amazing and that has helped DeMarco Murray reach great heights this year. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are clicking and making big plays after big plays. Dallas looks like a legit threat this year to go deep into the playoffs. Of course, they have a tendency to choke in clutch moments so we’ll see if they can avoid that.

For Detroit, Stafford is the key to this game. As much as the secondary for the Lions has improved tremendously this year, this is still an offensive battle that could come down to how Stafford and the rest of the passing game can stretch the field and keep the Cowboys offense off the field. Calvin Johnson (who had 329 yards against the Cowboys last season) must have a big game to give the Lions a chance.

If the Cowboys can control the tempo and methodically keep the ball moving down the field (without Ndamukong Suh stepping on people, of course) then I see them taking full control of the game early and winning it.



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