My predictions for Saturday’s Divisional round games

Here are my predictions for the second round of the playoffs.

Can Tom Brady get past the Ravens?


The Ravens and Patriots seem to match up real well. Two years ago they met in the AFC Championship game and the Ravens won the right to go to the Super Bowl. A  year before that, the Patriots won and went to the Super Bowl. This is in my opinion a very even matchup. Joe Flacco has found himself in the playoffs and continues to excel. The biggest concern for the Ravens is whether or not their offense can sustain and hold off Tom Brady from getting on the field.

Brady is playing extremely well despite not having the best supporting cast once again. However, he’s made the best of the situation and unlike last year, Rob Gronkowski is healthy and leading this offense. The team’s biggest factor is the running game. The rotation of running backs has helped keep them healthy and the return of Legarrette Blount is a huge addition to balance out the running game.

I look at the Patriots secondary and they are extremely opportunistic. It may come down to which defense forces the turnover and gives the offense a turn at the ball. It’s going to be a great matchup.

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