My predictions for today’s championship games in the NFL

Who’s going to the Super Bowl? Check out my predictions below.

Can Andrew Luck handle the big game pressure?


I don’t want to take away the credit that the Colts deserve for making it this far, but I don’t know if they are good enough to beat the Patriots. They were fortunate enough to play against a Broncos team without a healthy Peyton Manning. That gave the Colts a great opportunity to beat the seemingly weaker team. Against the Patriots, I don’t think they can overtake that kind of experienced attack.

Tom Brady has been playing phenomenal and it appears that the Patriots are clicking on all cylinders right now. Rob Gronkowski is still playing very effectively and that might be the recipe the Pats dial up. On the defensive side, the secondary for New England might have their hands full with Luck and the passing game. However, their front seven should have no problem slowing down the Colts’ nearly non-existent running game. Even though the Patriots have Adam Vinatieri, they should not try to settle for field goals. They need all the touchdowns they can get.

The Colts’ only chance of winning is if they continue to pressure the offensive line and keep Brady off rhythm. I don’t see that happening today.



Will the Seahawks pass rush get to Aaron Rodgers?


All signs point to the Seahawks winning this game. They have the 12th man, their offense is clicking and their defense remains strong. But I think the only team that can really give them a test is the Packers. First of all, I am impressed with the Hawks and their running game. Marshawn Lynch is still one of the most dangerous men in the league and stopping him is a big priority. In fact, the Packers must find a way to keep pressuring the offensive line and contain Russell Wilson. If he’s on his game, it’s going to be a tough day for the Pack.

But Aaron Rodgers, in my opinion, might end up being the best offensive player in the game right now. Despite his calf injury, he seems to be able to tough out the big hits and still be effective. Eddie Lacy’s presence will be key in helping the Packers’ offense flow. But keep an eye on how the Pack attacks the secondary with Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.

If either quarterback is off their game with pressure from the opposing team, then that might be the deciding factor in this game. However, I feel that the Packers have too many offensive weapons that they can overcome the Seahawks. This goes down to the wire.



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