Mariners unveil new Sunday alternate uniform and modifications to current set

The Seattle Mariners have unveiled a new Sunday alternate uniform. The team already have two alternate sets (navy, teal) along with their home whites and road grays.

I initially thought they would go the throwback route but instead they gave us a mixture of their current set with their inaugural colors. The uniform is cream white and there are no player names on the back.

The cap is the same current logo but also recolored. The team also have striped stirrups which I think is a really nice touch. Here are some up close photos from their unveiling today.

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Overall, I think the new Sunday set is fine. I don’t think it was necessary at all. It’s always tough when you take a current look and mix it with an old scheme (or vice versa) and find success. I think this is a rare case where it isn’t too bad. I still think this is kind of forced and it gives the Mariners five different uniform looks they can wear during the week. I think it’s a real overkill.

However, I do enjoy the blue and gold color scheme. Other than the Brewers throwback, it’s rare to see this combination together. I still have to see these in action on Sunday under the sun, but I think this will be very popular with the fans.

There are also some other changes the team unveiled. The home and road sets are getting a slight modification.

Here are some closeups:

New home white jersey.

New road gray jersey.

New stirrups.

I like the changes made here. Any chance to incorporate more teal is a great move for the Mariners. This change may be subtle but it has a lot of potential to be great. The player names will take on the same trim, which to me has the possibility of clutter.

And any addition of stirrups is always welcomed. These look spectacular.

Overall, the Mariners’ changes to their current set is very good in my opinion. The Sunday set isn’t  necessary but it isn’t too bad. We’ll see how it all looks when the season begins.


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