How to salvage the terrible ending to the Royal Rumble

Months before the Royal Rumble, I predicted a triple threat match at WrestleMania between all three former members of the Shield. My idea was that Roman Reigns would win the Rumble. Somehow Seth Rollins wins the title at the Rumble and Dean Ambrose steals the Money in the Briefcase Bashone, and cashes it in (knowing that WWE never follows legal rules). Or Ambrose somehow wins the title and the briefcase is cashed in at Mania.

However, as you can see, it did not happen so. The problem with Reigns winning is that he wasn’t the right guy to win. The WWE pimped him for months as the next guy but fans weren’t buying it. He was recently on the shelf and did nothing to gain any momentum. He didn’t fit into the storyline.

Oh and the reaction to this is still trending:

But now that this has happened and fans are disappointed, there is a way to salvage it. It could still end up being my predicted scenario. Dean Ambrose somehow has to win the title at the Fast Lane pay-per-view and then the other two pieces fall into place. But the WWE is stuck having Brock Lesnar as champion going into WrestleMania. That’s a shame too because they could have a rematch between Lesnar and Undertaker. Taker could come back for vengeance.

Also, where does the Sting vs. Triple H storyline work? Can they somehow get Randy Orton involved? Maybe Orton can take on Lesnar?

It’s a shame that a few other stars that seemed ready to win (Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose) the Rumble did not. Those three have shown signs of being ready and the fans were behind them. Instead, now they have two months to create a main event that’s appealing to the fans with Reigns as one of the pieces.

WWE Creative has a lot of work to do.

Oh yeah, are they even going to address this?

The PPV wasn’t all too bad. The championship match was enjoyable.


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