Warriors unveil new Chinese New Year jerseys

I expected this to happen but I was unsure how the Warriors would go about it. The Rockets already have a Chinese New Year jersey coming out as well but this one by the Warriors is a little curious to me.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have it be red or yellow instead of slate gray?

Here are some things that are worth noting. Warriors is written out in Chinese on the front. On the sleeve (yes, the stupid sleeves) is an image of a goat, which is the animal for the upcoming new year. Side panels look great and the trim is pretty nice. They will wear it on February 20, the day after the new year and three more times later in the season.

I’m all for this really and the Chinese population in the Bay Area is strong. And I am glad they didn’t add “el” or “los” or some kind of cultural cop out like the NBA has in the past. But I just don’t like the color. Great idea. Not so great execution.


Additionally, the Rockets also unveiled their Chinese New Year uniforms. I like these a lot better (except the sleeves, of course) because it matches their team identity really well. It doesn’t seem forced.

Overall for both teams, the designs aren’t too bad. Except for the color the Warriors chose for the jersey, it’s really nice and I actually think that these two teams should face off against each other wearing it. Unfortunately, that is not on the schedule.


One thought on “Warriors unveil new Chinese New Year jerseys

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