The NFL couldn’t really fine Marshawn Lynch anyway


Marshawn Lynch stayed for the required minimum for his Super Bowl media appearances. The NFL can’t fine him for that.

Lynch may not have answered the questions thoughtfully, but the NFL can’t control how he talks. No fine there.

The interesting topic was whether or not the cap Lynch wore would warrant a fine. But it was made by New Era, a sponsor with the NFL. The product got so much publicity for New Era, it would be hypocritical for them or the NFL to fine Lynch for the exposure. Even the team color thing was too much.

What Lynch did was the bare minimum. He doesn’t care about going all out. He’s the modern day “Office Space” hero and he does what’s just enough. If the NFL wants him to do more, then they have to set the rules that way. Other than that, they are stuck with their own rules and can’t make an exception out of anyone. Lynch cares not about your flair.


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