Artist rendering of the Stadium Series didn’t try hard enough

As I was looking at the just released artist rendering of the Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium, I noticed something odd.

First of  all, the rendering looks nice. I like it a lot. I cannot wait to be there next week to see it live all by myself. The fake beach and the bright colors are very California.

But look at the crowd and the jerseys they are wearing. Look at the bottom right, in front of Dustin Brown is Logan Couture. And in front of Couture is a blank jersey with #85. That isn’t a hockey jersey. That is a football jersey. That’s actually the jersey of Vernon Davis of the 49ers just with his name removed and the jersey recolored.

Look at the fans in the concourse area on the right. Those look like football jerseys too. Come on, artist guy. You can do better.

But of course I am just nitpicking a little. Not even a big deal. Surprisingly, that was the first thing I saw when I opened the image.